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Indoor Rock Climbing Facility and Outdoor Guiding Service

138 Quaker Road, Queensbury NY 12804 • Phone: (518) 793-4626

First Time Rock Climbers at our Indoor Rock Climbing Facility and Outdoor Guiding Service - Queensbury NY

First Time Rock Climber

Ages Children and adults of all ages are welcome to climb, especially ages 5 and up.

Waiver All climbers must have a signed release waiver. Climbers under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by their parent or guardian.

Arrival Once the waivers are confirmed, climbers will be fitted with climbing shoes and a harness. Climbers using their own gear will be checked to insure proper fit and usage.

Orientation Staff will explain the general layout of the gym and the grading system we use to rate the difficulty of our climbs. Questions regarding climbing and/or equipment are always welcomed.

Safety Briefing A RockSport staff member will describe how the top-rope system works to safeguard climbers. The RockSport staff will instruct those 14 years and older in proper belay technique (safeguarding climbers ascending) and lowering climbers once they have reached the top of the wall. These rope skills will be practiced with the staff and must be mastered before visitors will be allowed to climb independently.

Belaying To belay, the climber must be at least 14 years old and properly trained.

Basic Technique The staff will demonstrate/explain basic movement patterns to help you climb more efficiently up the wall.

Single Climbers If you come to the gym alone, the staff may or may not be able to belay you depending on the gym traffic. Bring a friend and enjoy the experience together.